Dr. Pearl’s Most Popular Forbes Articles 

A Forbes contributor since 2013, Dr. Robert Pearl covers the intersection of American healthcare, business and policy. With more than 150 published stories reaching more than 4 million readers, Dr. Pearl remains one of Forbes’ most widely read and shared authors. Click the images below for a look at some of his popular articles.


What is it really like to be a physician in America today? Dr. Pearl tackles this difficult question in his most popular Forbes article, which has reached more than 600,000 readers.


Malcolm Gladwell, one of America’s most beloved authors and journalists, sat down with Dr. Pearl for a one-on-one interview. Read what Gladwell said about the plight of the American physician.


Today, there are safe and effective vaccines to prevent many types of diseases. So why then are a growing number of parents choosing not to vaccinate their children?


Does the quality of your healthcare depend on the color of your skin? It seems American doctors are in a state of denial. Find out how race and ethnicity influence 21st-century patient care.


Opioids serve an important role in medical practice. But they’ve emerged recently as a leading cause of addiction and death. This article examines how American medicine created the opioid crisis.


Ask him what he does, and Dr. Devi Shetty will tell you that he sets the price of a human life. See how this American-trained and Indian-born surgeon is changing lives and disrupting U.S. healthcare.


As a physician, Dr. Pearl has spent most of his life in hospitals. But a broken leg taught him what it’s really like to be a patient. He says it’s a wonder anyone can survive more than three nights in a hospital.


Domestic violence has been long seen as a criminal issue, but today we know it as a social, business and health priority, as well. Learn how addressing domestic violence could save thousands of lives and billions of dollars.


How much would you pay for a drug that could increase your life expectancy, improve your sex life, minimize your stress and expand your happiness? There’s good news: This “miracle drug” is free.

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