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Virtual Medicine Could Do a Lot More Good

Wall Street Journal, 11/17/17

Hard Cases: The Multibillion-Dollar Bet On Health IT

LinkedIn Pulse, 9/3/17

4 Ways Businesses, Employees Can Fix U.S. Healthcare

LinkedIn Pulse, 8/9/17

Beyond ‘Repeal And Replace’: Physicians Renew The Call For Delivery System Improvement

Health Affairs Blog, 7/12/17

Engaging Physicians in Telehealth

NEJM Catalyst, 7/10/17

U.S. healthcare failing; together we can cure what’s ailing our system

Modern Healthcare, 5/13/17

New Checks and Balances For Big Pharma

The Health Care Blog, 5/12/17

U.S. Health Care Needs a Wakeup Call from India

USA Today, 1/29/17

New Physicians Will Need Business School Skills

New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst, 11/3/16
Co-author A.L. Fogle, MBA

How Multi-Specialty Hubs Fill a Major Gap in the Care Continuum

New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst, 6/22/16
Co-author B. Loftus


Intelligence Squared U.S. Debate Series 2017

“American Healthcare Is Terminally Broken”


Healthcare Innovation Summit 2017

“Why we think we’re getting good healthcare”

Commonwealth Club 2017

Getting The Mistakes Out Of Healthcare

Vator Splash Health 2017

The Future of Care

World Healthcare Congress 2016

Interview Zone:  Quality

Stanford Medicine X 2015

Healthcare Innovation spotlight

World Healthcare Congress 2015

Interview Zone

World Healthcare Congress 2014

Interview Zone

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